Trial of NGO Workers Set to Resume in Egypt.

… American Robert Becker chose to stay in Cairo and face state prosecutors.


If found guilty, Becker could face up to six years in an Egyptian prison. But he says it’s a risk he’s willing to take.


“It’s a concern. But again, at the end of the day, the guys that I’m going to be in the cage with are part of my family,” said Becker, who was working with the National Democratic Institute. “I keep saying captains stay with their crew. There is no way that I would be able to live with myself being safely in the United States if they were potentially facing a jail term.”


Becker has experience as a political organizer, with skills greatly in demand in a suddenly re-politicized Egypt…


… Becker’s colleague, Hafsa Halawa, said she is confident justice will prevail.


“We’re not guilty of these crimes,” Halawa said. “Regardless of the political issues surrounding the case, people cry it’s a bogus charge.”


If the trial ends with acquittal, however, victory will be bittersweet for Becker. His employer, the NDI, paid his bail and continues to cover his legal expenses, but terminated his services.