Throughout the three-day coverage of the Democratic National Convention there was a common theme (now also a bumper sticker) – “Bin Laden is dead. GM is alive.”

This is driving the Republicans insane. But let’s be very clear:

  • If President George W. Bush (Mission Accomplished!) had brought Bin Laden to justice, his face would be on Mount Rushmore already.
  • And if President Ronald Reagan had have saved the US auto industry, we would all be driving the “Chevy Reagan”… with three miles-to-the-gallon… and getting tax breaks for buying them.

It’s bumper sticker, my dear Republicans. But unlike most of what comes out of your nominee’s mouth, it is absolutely true. You can spend the next two months whining on FOX, but it will not change the fact that President Barack Obama gave the order to kill Bin Laden… and President Obama stuck his neck on the line to save Detroit.

Mitt Romney opposed going into Pakistan after the man who slaughtered over 3000 innocent Americans on our soil. And Romney thought it would be a great idea to let our iconic auto industry fail and put millions of Americans out of work.

Deal with it.

I look forward to someday driving a “Chrysler Obama” electric car built by American UAW union workers.