Full text of Egyptian Ex-MP Anwar El Sadat’s statement:

“It is with deepest condolences that we receive the news of the death of the honorable US Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, may he rest in peace. As we reflect on yesterday’s events in Libya and in Egypt, we must do what we can to ensure that Egypt remains peaceful.


“I call upon President Morsi, Egyptian politicians and authorities, to condemn yesterday’s attacks on the US Embassy. We cannot let a handful of fanatics set our national agenda and derail us from progress. We must show the world that Egypt is a country that is not only stable but welcomes investment, development, and new ideas. We cannot expect our country to advance economically, politically or socially, if incidents like this are swept under the rug.


“The attacks on the US Embassy in Cairo were not conducted in Egyptian interests. Those violently demonstrating, burning the American flag and engaging in destruction, should not hold the US government responsible for the actions of a few private citizens. These extremists are disrespecting their own religion and disregarding the rights of others.


“I call upon the international community to come together to advocate for the respect of all religious symbols. We have seen in the past that there is a fine line between respecting artistic and intellectual freedom, and respecting religious beliefs. We must advocate for respect and understanding of both.


“I call upon President Morsi, and the Muslims of Egypt, to understand their responsibility to protect the minorities of Egypt. Our Egyptian Christian brothers and sisters should not have to fear violence and extremism in their own country. We must come together to tackle religious intolerance and sectarian strife, so that we can make Egypt a better place now and for the future.”