VIDEO: US AMB Anne Patterson steadfastly defends [hardly mentions] NGO workers unjustly targeted in crackdown [issue].

In a recent interview with Egyptian TV’s ONtveg network, US Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson delivered an impassioned defense of [actually mentioned] the NGO workers [issue] falsely accused in last year’s crackdown on civil society throughout Egypt:

“… the real issue that impeded the delivery of aid was what we would call the issue with the NGOs, and we’ve been trying certainly to get past that.” – AMB Patterson

Many of the defendants in the NGO trial, who could be facing 4-6 years in prison if found guilty of the trumped-up political charges, were buoyed with confidence following the Ambassador’s vigorous defense of civil society and her steadfast declaration of their innocence [completely uninspired].

NOTE: AMB Patterson begins her comments about the NGO issue at the 4:30 mark… and ends 12 seconds later.