Full story via Storify, by Malicia Rogue (thank you):

My cage-mate Mohamed El-Wakeel providing translation in the cage. Photo by Hafsa Halawa.

My cage-mate Mohamed El-Wakeel providing translation in the cage. Photo by Hafsa Halawa.

@Beltrew Today’s #NGOTrial verdict will impact life for civil society in#Egypt. Key in terms of government regulation of foreign funding & registration


@rbecker51 Listening to haunting cover of Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War” by Pearl Jam: “We just want you to know we can see through your masks” #NGOtrial


@rbecker51 Today’s cage reading: Karama! (Dignity), by Johnny West #NGOtrial


@MarwaMfarid IRI Lawyer: It saddens me to be present to defend in a political case #NGOtrial judge: plz stick to criminal aspects not politics


@jonamorem And why are the defendants of #NGOtrial not treated with as much respect as that murderer Al-Adly who was allowed to sit? #Egypt sigh


@MarwaMfarid IRI Lawyer submits docs re letters bet US gov & Egypt gov. It proves that USAID informed Egygov of the funding details #NGOtrial


@abouhussein7 I wonder why #Morsi didn’t use his exceptional powers when he had the chance to cancel staged trials like the #NGOtrial. ‘Cuz they aint MBs.


@MarwaMfarid IRI lawyer: Fayza doesn’t know the defendants or even the Country Director. Judge: she doesn’t know anything PERIOD #NGOtrial


@Hhafoos IRI lawyer demands innocent verdict for defendants of IRI#ngotrial


@MarwaMfarid NDI wasn’t involved in “political activities” rather they support democracy. Legal definition of political activity doesn’t apply #NGOtrial


@MarwaMfarid NDI lawyer is talking about @rbecker51 saying that he is contracted by DC office to do media training NOT 2 establish & manage NGO #NGOtrial


@MarwaMfarid And NDI staffer was hired one week before the raid and hasn’t even got the salary of that month #NGOtrial


@DavidKenner US media condemned threat to democracy when Americans working for NGOs in Egypt arrested. Sadly silent as Egyptians face prison in #ngotrial


@Hhafoos Adjourned until march 6th. Bullshit. #ngotrial


@rbecker51 Uncaged. #NGOtrial


@jonamorem Two months wait now for the defendants of #NGOtrial and even then they cannot expect the verdict yet. Inexcusable. #Egypt


@michellebetz Does nobody care about #NGOtrial? 1 year later and we’re still nowhere. #egypt just waits 4 more US funding while #amcits r puppets in court