Two years after Egypt’s revolution was fueled by an overwhelming  lack of karama (dignity) in the lives working class and youth, that lack of dignity is alive and well throughout Egypt.

Watch these videos… sear into your minds what no dignity looks like. These are all from the past few days.

Not one rapist or police officer has been brought to justice. But the Egyptian prosecutor has bragged almost hourly about arrests on supposed “black bloc” members who appear to be only guilty of boisterous anarchy threats on Facebook and wearing stupid masks.

These videos are why Egypt is aflame tonight. No dignity, coupled with shallow, irresponsible leadership on all sides. President Mohamed Morsi thinks he can give rare ill-timed, finger-wagging speeches and Facebook post his way to stability and the opposition forces, led by Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, think they can Tweet their way to a majority. Both are wrong and both have lost their legitimacy on the street because neither one of them inspires dignity.

As CNN’s Ben Wedeman reported yesterday on Egypt’s youth:

“… Walls don’t stop them; tear gas doesn’t phase them… the only way they can make their presence felt is with rocks… those who appear at press conferences trying to mold Egypt’s future are mostly old men…”

Until leaders step to the forefront with a message that inspires dignity and hope, the rocks will continue to fly.

Gang rape in Tahrir Square.

Police brutally stripping and beating a man near the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis.

UPDATED via the Egyptian Chronicles by Zeinobia:

His name is Hamda Saber , a 48 years old construction worker who  lives in Mataria and originally from Upper Egypt. He’s got no criminal records. Mr. Saber came with his wife Mrs. Fathia and kids to protest at the presidential Palace.

Police randomly shooting into a crowd in Port Said and murdering a man.

Again in Port Said, the police shoot a man in a wheel chair.