Egyptians have been subjected to shocking images this past week of police brutality, from stripping and beating protestors to just killing them in Port Said… to today’s news of the arrest, torture and murder of political activist Mohammed al-Guindi.

But not all of the victims are having their indignity at the hands of police viewed thousands of times on youtube… scores of other activists are being caught up in the Muslim Brotherhood government crackdown.

I know one of them: Mohamed El Miligy, aka “Mody”.

Mody, 25, appears to be the victim of new tactic: arresting activists who show up at court to support their friends:

… Mody… was arrested on the afternoon of Thursday, 31 January outside South Cairo Court (Bab el-Khalq), where he was awaiting the verdict of three friends who had previously been arrested in the events of the Cairo Governorate headquarters on Monday, 29 January. El Miligy was waiting in solidarity to follow up on his friends’ cases when a number of plain-clothed officers seized him and placed him under arrest…


According to witnesses, after his friend’s court hearing, clashes erupted outside the court:

… When the clashes broke out, El Miligy and another supporter ran into the courthouse to find the lawyers and alert them to the attacks. Outside, they saw their friends, including Shady, being beaten by large numbers of plain-clothed people. Once all of their friends had managed to escape from their attackers, El Miligy remained in the street, checking to see if his friends were safe. He was standing in the street talking on the phone when a plain-clothed person grabbed him from behind and arrested him.


El Miligy has been charged with assaulting police, damaging police vehicles, thuggery, and destruction of property (for breaking the window of the court). El Miligy is currently being held in Khaleefa Prison, along with four others arrested at the same time. Their names and ages are:


Yehia Mohamed Fathy Abu el Naga – 23 years old

Mostafa Megdy Mostafa (“Kheykhoun”)– 22 years old

Ahmed Osama Nebeeh (“Asaba”) – 20 years old

Sa’eed Mohamed el Sayed abu el Einein – 36 years old

540729_10151443202911047_53453367_nI consider Mody a friend and one of the many young, future leaders of Egypt. He has waited tables at my local coffee shop, Arabica, and many times after I returned from court hearings for the NGO trial, Mody would be there asking about my wellbeing and showing solidarity for my farcical case.

On Wednesday, 6 February, I plan to show my solidarity with Mody by attending his next hearing at Zeinhom Court at 9:AM.

He and his colleagues have extraordinary legal representation in human rights advocate and former presidential candidate Khalid Ali. Let’s make sure the judges and prosecutors know that Mody has extraordinary support from the activist community.

TAKE ACTION: “Come to support Mody and the other detainees at 9am on Wednesday morning at Zeinhom Court. This is their second trial, after being sentenced to 15 days in their first. Come make some noise and make sure the authorities know they are being watched! #FreeMody”

624 people have joined his Facebook action page stating they will come to court and support him and his colleagues. You should too!