The graphic below shows nine governorates that have the exact same number of parliament seats allocated (four from party list and two individual seats) yet vastly different population numbers.

Ismailia (population 1,077,00) and Luxor (1,064,00) have the same sized representation (six members) as New Valley (208,000) and South Sinai (159,000).

So to those making excuses for the new election law, I pose the following question:

What is stopping Ismailia, Luxor, Port Said, and/or Suez from suing over unfair and unequal representation in the new parliament?

Think about it. Why wouldn’t Port Said sue on the grounds that they deserve more representation that South Sinai?

Seriously… anything going on these days that might have Port Said feeling under-appreciated? 

If Egypt wants a legitimately elected parliament they should consider getting a map, a calculator, and some population stats and taking the couple of days to draw parliamentary districts that are actually proportional and court approved.

Or they can just hope the courts don’t care and/or nobody sues.

The choice is worth millions of pounds, literally and figuratively.