The international NGO Human Rights Watch is fighting for the rights of Muslim Brotherhood members unlawfully detained in the UAE:

HRW fears ‘mockery of justice’ in UAE Islamists trial

Human Rights Watch raised fears Sunday of a “mockery of justice” as it urged UAE authorities to ensure a fair trial for 94 Islamists accused of plotting against the Gulf state, on the eve of the hearing.


“It appears that UAE authorities will drag scores of citizens through a shamelessly unfair judicial process that makes a mockery of justice,” said HRW’s Middle East director Sarah Leah Whitson in a statement. – AFP

FULL REPORT: UAE: Ensure Fair Trial of 94 Political Activists

While in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood-led government is launching an unprecedented attack on human rights groups: Government targets Egyptian Organization for Human Rights.

Let’s not forget the largest unlicensed NGO in Egypt is the Muslim Brotherhood:

Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson Ahmed Aref said Tuesday that the group is working to ensure its operations and structure are in accordance with laws governing NGOs… The Muslim Brotherhood was officially banned by former President Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1954. Its legal status is still in question…

As in, not registered… not legal.

… Justice Minister Ahmed Mekky admitted the Brotherhood’s legal status had not been resolved as of January, saying, “The group’s current situation is not the best. The law should be applied equally to everyone. The group should be a role model.”

Yes, Mr. Minister of Justice, the NGO behind the President of Egypt should in fact be a “role model”… But let’s be clear: their “situation is not the best” because they are in violation of Egyptian law. But, by all means, don’t apply any justice.


We will be thinking about this word when we all return to the “cage” on Wednesday for our eleventh court appearance in the NGO trial that has been ongoing for over a year now.