Note: On behalf of the defendants in the NGO trial, I’d like to thank Jonathan Moremi for his ongoing passionate and inspirational support by dedicating this YouTube version of Johnny Cash’s cover of “Rusty Cage”:

@jonamorem Can’t beat this man’s humour. lol. Respect. RT @rbecker51: Pre-trial music: “Rusty Cage” by Johnny Cash, Unchained album #NGOtrial

Highlights from yesterday’s court hearing as complied by Jonathan (full report via Storify):

@tomozeus US Sec State in #Egypt a few days ago. US promised taxpayer dollars, yet Americans on #NGOTrial continues 2day. Live tweets by @MarwaMfarid


@HafsaHalawa @M2Wakeel found himself sitting in the cage on a piece of newspaper with an op-ed article on the new #ngolaw…oh the irony… #NGOtrial

4d5d3538867311e28a6522000a9f17d4_7Important legal FACT: @jonamorem Freedom House lawyer #NGOtrial says NGO automatically registred if Ministry does not respond in 60 days after submission of docs. The case.

@jonamorem NGO automatically registred if no response after 60 days by Ministry. RT @HafsaHalawa: @jonamorem article 6 of 2004 law no. 84 #NGOtrial

@MarwaMfarid 2 boxes of evidences reached the court while IJ seized 4 boxes 2 of which have disappeared. This is tampering w/ evidence #NGOtrial


@MarwaMfarid FH was accused by IJ of receiving $4391184. Accountant said that he received 34K in the 3 months he worked. Items seized proved it #NGOtrial

Defendants Mohamed El-Wakeel and Robert Becker discussing the case in the cage.SOURCE: Hafsa Halawa

Defendants Mohamed El-Wakeel and Robert Becker discussing the case in the cage.
SOURCE: Hafsa Halawa

Concur: @jonamorem This whole #NGOtrial is a huge human rights violation of these innocent ppl in cage paying for Fayza Abou Nagal’s shit character. #Egypt

@rbecker51 Irony: Apparently defense for International Center for Journalists is being done privately behind closed doors. #NGOtrial


@MarwaMfarid Verdict in #NGO trial is June 4th #NGOtrial


@rbecker51 Uncaged #NGOtrial


@jonamorem Political decision. Elex and NGO law to pass first, I guess. RT@tcmallinson: Why does it take so long to arrive at a verdict? #NGOtrial

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… the NGOs’ defense team called for the defendants to be cleared of all charges. The team added that under Egyptian law, the case should have been tried by a single judge versus a judicial panel. The defense also said that the Freedom House is an officially registered NGO and that all of its funding contracts had been approved by the Social Solidarity Ministry…

… A lawyer for the Freedom House organisation also used Article 6 of Law 84 of 2004 to argue that NGOs are automatically registered if the government does not reject their applications for registration within 60 days of submitting documents.
Pre-trial coffee session with my colleagues Nada Maher and Rasha Kamel.

Pre-trial coffee session with my colleagues Rawda Ali and Rasha Kamel.