National_Forces_Alliance_logoHad the great honor of being a guest this weekend in Tripoli at the Libyan National Forces Alliance one-year anniversary conference.

National Forces Allianceincludes 58 political organizations, 236 NGOs, and more than 280 independents. The alliance is of predominantly liberal tendency. It calls for “moderate Islam” and a “democratic, civil state”…

… NFA competed in the Libyan General National Congress election, 2012. It fielded 70 candidates across Libya. Bucking the Islamist trend set by the Muslim Brotherhood’s victories in Egyptian and Tunisian elections, the NFA beat out the Justice and Construction Party (Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm in Libya) to take first place. NFA received 39 of the 80 party-list seats.

And what are some of the driving factors behind the NFA’s success?

@koertdebeuf: “We are the party of and for women and young people“: Mahmud Gebril on the anniversary of his NFA. And it works (not only) in Libya!


@Eljarh: #Jibril: Out of our 39 partylist members within GNC,NFA has 24 women members. This is why we’re the party for women to join/vote for #Libya


@Eljarh: #Jibril: NFA is the party for Women to join & vote for, where women are an equal partners in this & share same rights as men. #Libya


@Eljarh: #Jibril: NFA counts on #Libya’s youth to carry on driving & protecting their revolution from being hijacked by any one group.


@Eljarh: #Jibril: Rebuilding #Libya should be based on Justice not oppression & exclusion & importantly these are the values of #Islam.

Coalitions. NGOs. Women. Youth. Winning.

Some of the photos I took of NFA leaders giving media interviews tell the story..