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@charleswdunne: Mubarak out, Badie in and 43 NGO staff still convicted of committing democracy. Justice in today’s #Egypt.

Email from Anwar E. Sadat, High Board Member, General Federation of Associations and NGO’s:

Sadat Commenting on the Review of the Muslim Brotherhood Legal Status   


As a member of the Egyptian General Federation  of Associations and NGO’s, I completely support the de-registration of the Muslim Brotherhood. The past few days have proven that this group constitutes an illegal organization that endorses violence and adopt un-peaceful means.


Similarly, all political parties that have been implicated in acts of violence or crimes must be disbanded. However, I highlight that all such administrative measures must be backed by judicial sentences.


We want Egypt to move forward in regards to law enforcement as well as freedoms and rights. Therefore neither NGOs nor parties, which pursued violence, promote one-party systems or discriminate against citizens shall be considered lawful organizations.


We are hopeful that the new NGOs law, abiding by the well-known international standards for protecting freedom of assembly, will be released soon to facilitate the work of a vibrant civil society in Egypt. I served as a Chairman of the Human Rights Committee in the Former People’s Assembly and I witnessed the tragedy of  the 2012 crackdown on local and international NGOs in Egypt. That is why I can hear the domestic and international concerns over a potential hit on civil society’s freedom or a particular discrimination against the Islamists.


Personally my hands are still open for a dialogue with whoever is willing to work out a political peaceful solution from the Islamist parties’ side.  I will not hesitate to urge for the registration of the Brotherhood or any other organization, as soon as they denounce violence and adhere to the new foreseen law.

Good to see somebody remembers.