fahmy.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxVisit with jailed Al Jazeera correspondent finds him healthy, haggard, by Nancy Youssef, McClatchy Foreign Staff

… Fahmy looked haggard and confused but healthy. He had the early signs of a beard and he hadn’t combed his hair. He rarely looked his visitors in the eye, seemingly confused. “I am fine,” he said.


He said prison authorities had refused to give him a sleeping bag and pillow that had been sent to him in prison after lawyers reported that he was sleeping on the floor. “They didn’t allow it,” he said.


He said he was being held in solitary confinement in Tora, with no light and with “insects.” He asked for food – Egyptian prison food is notoriously bad – and his friend turned over a duffle bag and four other bags filled with food, toiletries, clothing, water, towels, notebooks, a pen and cigarettes…

Canada should be doing all it can to pressure Egypt into releasing journalist Mohamed Fahmy, a Canadian-Egyptian citizen arrested by the military. – Opinion, The Star

Egypt’s already-soiled image has been further tarnished by the military regime’s inexcusable arrest of journalists, including Canadian-Egyptian citizen Mohamed Fahmy, in the closing days of last year.


Suffering from an old shoulder injury, aggravated by his arrest and harsh prison conditions, Fahmy was scheduled to undergo his fourth round of interrogation on Wednesday.He faces trumped-up accusations of belonging to a terrorist group and using lies in an attempt to undermine Egypt’s national security. And there’s little chance he will be accorded even a semblance of justice…


… It’s important that all democratic countries protest the loss of human rights in Egypt. It’s especially vital for Canada to speak loudly in defence of one of its own citizens.